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Top Most Romantic Destinations In Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing place that offers a lot to anyone who looking for something very special. It is a romantic getaway to spice up your relationship or simply walk hand in hand in a quiet, beautiful place. An isolated island or and peaceful old town are places that you will feel there are only two of you in the world. And they are just a few of the many destinations you can visit when you travel to this beautiful country.

I and my partner try to go on a holiday together at least one in a year. And we had spent 3 weeks to discover Vietnam. Of course, not all couples are the same. Some like to have tons of adventure activities, some prefer luxury resorts with good food and white sand beach, but for those who are looking for a romantic trip, Vietnam is ideal for a short break and good chance to briefly escape from your daily routine. With a little research, you can find perfect places for you and your partner. But to save your time, we have here a list to keep you inspired with love.

1. Da Lat – The Valley of Love


Get lost in the valley which is known as “Le Petit Paris” with your soulmate and stumbles upon something unexpected during your visit with all the beautiful sceneries. You can visit this city all year round thanks to its cool climate. With famous lakes, pine forests, many kinds of beautiful flowers, the loving atmosphere delighted by Viet couples getting to this valley to take wedding pictures, a trip to Da Lat will be unforgettable & meaningful for couples.

Best time to come:

– From December to March: it is springtime in Da Lat. Flowers blossom everywhere, making this land more vibrant.

– From May to August: is summer time in Da Lat. The weather rises slightly but still warm enough. There will have some small drizzle rains so it’s better to carry an umbrella when you want to have a walk.

Best places to visit:

– Da Lat Flower Park: One of the breathtaking botanic garden, Da Lat Flower Park has many kinds of colourful flowers that you might not see elsewhere. It also has a small garden of rose and a small market where you can buy seeds for your home.

– Ho Xuan Huong Lake Considered as one of the most romantic places in Da Lat, this lake is worth to visit. The view is nice, the air is fresh, the path is comfortable and it’s all free.

– Tuyen Lam Lake: About 20 minutes south and a bit west of Dalat, this is a beautiful lake with a view to a villa of Bao Dai – the last King of Vietnam.

– Lake of Sighs: Lovely place for couples. There are horse riding and lots of beautiful flowers.

– Pongour waterfall: This breathtaking waterfall plunges down from mountains form 40 meters high, spreading over more than 100 meters of 7 rock levels with hundreds of vivid wildflowers covering poetic paths.

– Langbiang: Located at the heights of 2.169m above the sea level, Langbiang not only offers the amazing view from its peak but also keeps secret about a passionate but sad love of a couple.

Best things to do for couples:

  • Walk hand in hand through various flower gardens.
  • Ride a boat in Xuan Huong Lake.
  • Head to  some beautiful waterfalls such as Pongour or Prenn
  • Hike to Langbiang
  • Have a coffee together on the side of  a tranquil lake

2. Sapa – Way to Heaven Gate

Located in the northwestern of the country, you probably know where I’m talking about, right? The majestic Sapa is, undoubtedly, among the best romantic places in Vietnam. There are many things for you to explore and enjoy, from the amazing views of the special culture of ethnic groups. In Sapa, you will feel the time is broken and there are only you and your lover.

Best time to come:

– From March to May: This is fall time, the weather is dry, the sky is clear with sunshine makes it comfortable for a visit.

– From September to November: Weather is cool and dry, view of SaPa rice terraces is perfect. This is the best time for trekking and photo taking.

Best places to visit:

– Silver Waterfall: Located about 12 km from the centre of Sa Pa town, this waterfall is formed by sources of water from the Lo Sui Tong mountain peak. On beautiful sunny days, you can see a stunning scene of the fall surrounding by the lush forest of Hoang Lien Son National Park.

– Rice terraced fields: Rice terraces have been cultivated in Sapa for hundreds of year by a number of ethnic minorities, the whole fields are filled with bright green or yellow color (depend on the time you visit) like a carpet for the giant.

– SaPa market: The markets have old ladies up the backup stairs, cheeky and bold and delightful with their old sewing machines and piles of little bags and fabric ready to make you something to order.

– Ethnic villages: Wonderful, authentic and colourful. It’s great to see the villagers.

– Fansipan mountain: Fansipan is one of the most beautiful attractions in Sapa, It is the peak of Indochina with the elevation of 3143m

Best things to do for couples:

– Shop at Sapa market: You can buy small and beautiful handmade products on the market for your lover and admire the colourful clothing of the ethnic groups.

– Get in eyes the bright golden rice terraces and take some stunning pictures caused your friend jealous.

– Take a dip in the water of the Silver Waterfall.

– Climb the Heaven Gate to find a heaven for you two.

– Conquer 3,143 meters high Fansipan Mountain together: once you conquer Fansipan, you two will conquer everything to be together forever. But if 3,143 meters are too much, there is a cable system that you can try. Easier and faster way but not less romantic when you can capture the whole lush green valleys into your eyes.

– Enjoy the beautiful views over the valleys from the highest peak in Indochina

– Enjoy a coffee at the Old Street Café near the Stone Church to bring you back in time to the quietest moment that is very hard to find anywhere else.

3. Mai Chau – If not Sapa then Mai Chau

Sapa might be a little too crowded for couples seeking privacy but how great it is, there’s a lot of similar beautiful places in Vietnam for you, and Mai Chau is the most outstanding. This is the place where you can forget all the tiredness and worries of busy everyday life from watching the breathtaking view of rice fields to cycling along the beautiful narrow paths. Your hearts will be melted to soft and gentle – perfect for a couple to fall deeply in love.

Best time to come:

– September, October, March, April or May are the best times to visit with mild weather (from 18 to 25-Celsius degree)

– From June to August is summer, hot and rain sometimes, but sunny (from 25 to 35-Celsius degree).

Best places to visit:

– Rice fields: Rice fields are bursting with colour surrounding by mountain, red-brown, narrow land paths, wooden traditional stilt houses, water buffaloes and local children make them the best picture of nature.

– Ban Lac: Very quiet and peaceful, this village will help you understand the lifestyle and culture of ethnic minority groups in Mai Chau.

– Pung waterfall: About 30 km from Mai Chau town, the road is rugged and not easy to access but the view is worth to make a trip.

– Chieu cave: Situated in the southwest and considered one of the most impressive attractions in the town, Chieu cave has more than 1,000 steps for you to reach.

Best things to do for couples:

– Cycle on the narrow paths between the green rice paddies: Time is slow down for you and your partner to find peace in soul among the peaceful rural life.

– Homestay at a traditional wooden stilt house: The local’s stilt houses have two ladders. One on the left named “Tang Chang” is for the women with 9 steps and the second on the right named “Tang Quan” is only for the men in the family with 7 steps. Each of you will step up on different ladders and meet in the middle of the house.

– Buy handicraft products: Local people in Mai Chau are mostly White Thai ethnicity. They make colorful handicrafts such as bags, clothes, and bracelets. You will surely find something interesting here to buy.

– Step up 1,200 steps of Chieu cave: Need a bit effort but you will have a chance to hold her hand and help her conquer the challenges. Looking down from the cave, Mai Chau valley is stunning.

– Have a bath in Pung waterfall: You will be back to your childhood. And you know how lovely a child’s love is!

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